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Delfini Co-founders: Michael E Stuart MD, President & Medical Director . Sheri Ann Strite, Managing Director & Principal

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It Started with Mike...
Mike has received accolades from health care visionaries, Dr. David Eddy and Dr. Don Berwick, and from the US Department of Defense, the Health Ministry of New Zealand and more for work performed under his leadership prior to Delfini. Since then, Delfini has received many, many accolades from many others for our work. Testimonials about Mike's EBM Leadership

And Since Then, We Have Testimonials From...
Healthcare Visionaries • Medical Leaders • Health Care Administrators • Insurers • P&T Committees • Technology Assessment Committees • EBM Working Groups • QI Leaders • Physicians • Pharmacists • Nurses • Case Managers • Professors & Faculty • Medical and Pharmacy Residents & Students • EBM Experts • Researchers • Clinical Epidemiologists • Employers• Judges • Consumers • Manufacturers

From program evaluations — here's what attendees have to say...

"...thanks for presenting this valuable information in a fun and memorable way..."

"...I thought the subject was going to be boring and not much use...I was very wrong...I cannot thank you and Sheri enough."

"I know a couple hundred people...who have got to hear your message!"

“Best one-day educational program I’ve experienced in 25 years!”
Intermountain Health Care attendee, Salt Lake City UT

“…One of the best classes I have ever attended. Thank you for bringing back some common sense. Thanks so much!”
Pacificare attendee, Cypress CA

"Great program. One of the best I’ve ever attended."
Omnicare attendee, Orlando FL

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"Best help with evidence-based medicine available."
Marty Gabica, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Healthwise

2016 Program Scores:
5 out of 5

"It was fantastic, Sheri. I learned so much! I feel newly energized in my work. Thank you." Carolyn Brzezicki, RN, Healthwise, 2016 Program Participant

"I learned so much from you and came away with such valuable tools that I'm already applying to the content review that is the foundation of my job." Jan Anderson, RN, Healthwise, 2016 Program Participant

"Hello Sheri and Mike, thanks for shouting out to the Washington State Health Technology Clinical Committee. Along with the help of organizations like Delfini providing us with superb evidence reviews, we are showing a way that the US should follow, in my opinion. I appreciate your linking your contacts to our work. Best Wishes, Brian"

Brian R. Budenholzer, MD, FAAFP
Health Technology Clinical Committee Chair
Health Care Authority
State of Washington

"Mike and Sheri, I just wanted to thank you once again for the great job you did today, teaching our staff EBM assessment for validity and usefulness. You were inspiring to our staff. I just loved to see how attentive they were and to hear the great questions that were asked. They were getting your messages! Fantastic. People are raving about your training. I just heard how professional that it was, that HRSA and the other agencies were presented in style and the staff really appreciated that. I believe they recognized that we brought the very best to them, showing that we value EBM and their work in this area. Again, thanks so much. It was such a pleasure to work with you to make this day so special for our staff. Siri"

Siri Childs, Pharm D
Pharmacy Policy Office Chief
Department of Social & Health Services
Health & Recovery Services Administration
Division of Medical Benefits & Care Management
Medical Consulting & Pharmacy Policy Units
State of Washington

"I have been meaning to thank you and Mike for all of the training and insight that you have given me. It really has made a huge difference in my professional life. For example, this summer I tackled an important safety debate. It took me many hours, but at the end of the day, I concluded that we, as a company, needed to make new recommendations. Without my Delfini training, I would have never had the confidence, nor been able to develop a convincing case. I know sometimes the jaded medical world may feel that evidence-based medicine and critical evaluations are nice academic exercises that rarely, if ever, influence member safety. We know that this is not the case. Keep carrying the banner of enlightenment in 2011! Your workshops help re-ignite for many the real reason they got involved in pharmacy and medicine in the first place. We definitely can make a difference..." Name Held in Confidence


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