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Terms of Use, Legal Notices & Disclaimers
Use of this Website Implies Your Agreement to Our Legal Notices

In downloading or reviewing any of these tools or reviewing any the information conveyed in this website which represents our original work, you implicitly agree that you have read our notices and that you will not use these tools for any commercial purpose outside of delivering usual patient care such as would be provided by a health care system or individual clinician or by an EBM work group, plus that you will seek our permission to create any derivative work or for any work utilizing any part of these tools in publication. You also agree that you will abide by the spirit of this intended agreement, and what it is attempting to effect, regardless of its specific wording. Lastly, you agree that you will convey these stipulations to any to whom you provide copies of our work.


These materials are not meant to replace the clinical judgment of any health care professional or establish a standard of care. The information contained in this site and any documents may not be appropriate for use in all circumstances. Decisions to utilize any information contained in them must be made by consumers and health care professionals in light of individual circumstances.

Before prescribing any medication, review full prescribing information. Detailed information is available at MEDLINEPlus.

Information may not be up-to-date and accuracy is not guaranteed. It is up to the user to verify and update the information. The clinical content in much of this work is no longer being updated. For example, the information in the messaging scripts should be used only to understand a method for developing evidence-based decision-support messaging scripts for various target groups—not for informing clinical decisions. Again, it is the responsibility of the user to verify and update any information.

We make no warranty, express or implied, or representation as to the accuracy, sufficiency or continued currency of the information contained herein.

Persons using this web site hereby agree to waive any and all claims they may have against the authors and to release the authors from any and all liability for any injury, loss, damage, expense, costs or relief of any kind whatsoever due to or arising out of the uses of this web site or the information contained herein.

Privacy Policies

Anything you share with us through any means will be defined as "user-provided information."

Contact information Provided For Our Mailing List
Our intent is to use contact information that you provide to us via our mailing list opt-in form to provide you with information and notices or to directly contact to you if we are seeking information from you. It will not be provided to any third party for use for mailing list sales.

User-provided Information Including Comments, Testimonials, Et Cetera
When you choose to comment directly on our site or provide other information to us through that channel or through other means, that action constitutes explicit agreement that we can retain or remove that information and we can freely use it such as promotionally, including such information as your name if you so provide it. We will not be legally bound to rescinding our rights of use, but if you change your mind, upon our receipt of your written communication to us (which includes email), we want to honor that to the extent that we easily and reasonably can. It's not our intention to make you unhappy! But "reasonably and easily" does not extend to any past distribution or distribution not within our direct control, for example. If we've already printed materials, it does not extend to not distributing those materials, etc. It would include removing information on our website as we can, not including such information in future materials, emails, etc.

Software Notices including Adobe Security Risk
Some of the offerings on our website involve the use of software for which you need special readers.

  • Acrobat Reader
    • Adobe Security Risk — Read this before opening PDF files on any website:
  • MindManager Viewer

Health Care Information Source Cautions

  1. You should be aware that information contained in any health care information source may be of varying quality. Even sources you might assume "trustable," may have generally great methods, but other factors — such as politics, for example — may affect the content in important ways that are not evidence-based practice.
  2. Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is often misunderstood. Frequently the term "evidence-based" may be applied to health care information which has not been derived through an appropriate evidence-based process at all — which requires a rigorous evaluation of the validity (meaning closeness to truth) of studies and clinical usefulness of results, along with transparency. Just because a clinical recommendation or other health care information is referenced does not mean that information has been appropriately critically appraised. Most published medical science is either not valid and/or clinically useful.
  3. Unless you are fully convinced the information is developed through a rigorous and systematic process (and even if you are), it is strongly advised that you use a tool – such as those found in the Delfini Evidence Tool Set or the Delfini QI Project Tool Set – to evaluate the validity and potential usefulness of the information you may find. See our Tools. These can help you increase health care quality. Ultimately you will need to apply your own judgment in determining whether a source can be useful to you or not.
  4. For secondary studies and secondary sources, you may need to update the information, using PubMed, for more current research following the end of the search used in the source.
  5. Calculators should be viewed as providing estimates since we cannot verify accuracy of such calculations such as confidence intervals.
  6. Not all clinical recommendations from other sources have been reviewed for validity and ours may or may not be up-to-date, so many selections should be viewed as representing examples of approaches and formats for communications, etc. Feel free to contact us for details.

Delfini Citation Practices

About PMID Numbers: We frequently utilize a PMID number in place of a citation. Where PMID numbers are available, enter that number into the PubMed search box to retrieve that citation and listing.


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