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American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)

...I appreciated your willingness to adapt the program to our specific needs...This program exceeded our high expectations!... interested and engaged throughout...INCREDIBLY WELL DONE!...wonderful illumination...will be of great benefit in my career endeavors...thanks for some of the best education I've received in my 25 years in medicine!...

About our American Academy of Performance Measures Program
September 10-12, 2004

Performance Measures: A Practical Approach to Improving the Quality of Clinical Care Overall Program Score 5.0 out of 5.0
AAFP hand-picked thirty-six physicians from the applicants to receive training to represent the AAFP on national specialty boards and consortiums charged with creating and evaluating performance measures. We also gave them skills in doing quality improvements in their own settings. The representative for the AMA Physicians Consortium who was an observer at the meeting, stated it was an outstanding program and incredibly well organized.

From the Director:
“I wanted to let you both know how much I appreciated your willingness to adapt the program to our specific needs. When you do something new, you always wonder how it will be received by the attendees. This program exceeded our high expectations! The family physicians who attended were interested and engaged throughout the two and one-half day program and I am sure the tools you shared will find good use in the near future for many of them. Thank you for devoting your energy and your professionalism to our project."

Bruce Bagley, M.D.
Medical Director for Quality Improvement
American Academy of Family Physicians

From attendees:
"Thanks. Steep learning curve, but well-conducted and valuable. You're a great speaker, and I've been around the block many times."

Frank Dornfest, M.B.,Ch.B, M.F.G.P. (S.A.), FAAFP
Associate Professor, Oregon Health and Sciences University
Medical Director and Associate Residency Director OHSU Gabriel Park Family Health Center
Oregon Health & Science University

"The program that Mike & Sheri put on was INCREDIBLY WELL DONE and the crowd they invited to this 'AAFP Performance Measures' conference was of such high caliber intellect and rich was hard not to be enticed into some good brain waves and excitement about what the Academy is after and what quality improvement efforts are possible. I hope to translate some of this content into a practical and enticing November Practice Management conference for the residents (now how's that for a challenge!"

Caroline Day MD
Division of Family Medicine
Director, Quality & Staff Physician, UCSD

"Sheri and Mike, thanks once again for all your hard work and wonderful illumination this past weekend. I am confident that your course will be of great benefit in my career endeavors - as a matter of fact, I am one of the ones nominated to work on the AMA's new consortium. Because of this, I wanted to be sure that I could have access to all of your tools and resources on the web site. Please remember to send me/us the password for entry."

Rick Leary, MD
Assistant Director of the St. Mary of Nazareth Family Practice Residency Program
President-elect of the IL Academy of Family Physicians

"Just wanted to send you both my personal thanks for some of the best education I've received in my 25 years in medicine!"

Alison Lauber, MD
Associate Program Director
Columbus Regional Health System
Family Practice Residency Program


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