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Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) and Clinical Improvement Help

  • Delfini Group = Mike Stuart MD + Sheri Ann Strite

We are a public service entrepreneurership founded to help people achieve “applied” evidence- and value-based clinical quality improvement to help others improve healthcare decision-making and medical care. Much help is freely available at the Delfini Website.

Use of this site implies your agreement to our notices at our notices and legal agreement page.

We may remove user contributions for any reason, but because we specialize in the evaluation of medical science, in particular we may remove input which we do not deem valid or clinically useful. Conversely inclusion on our site does not mean our agreement or endorsement.

Delfini Citation Practices
We frequently utilize a PMID number in place of a citation. Where PMID numbers are available, enter that number into the PubMed search box to retrieve that citation and listing.

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You can read about us and much else that you might like to know at the Delfini Website.

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