Happy Valentine’s! A New Delfini Day Dawns & A Treat For You!

Our Blog
This is the official announcement of our blog!  We are in the midst of moving to a social media-mode.  Go to our website to get just-in-time updates to our blog and website as we dip our toes in these waters that are new for us…on a trial basis, FYI…we need to hear that you are using this information and sharing it to warrant our efforts. It’s a lotta work for us to keep all of this up!  Follow us on Twitter (easy instructions at our website to get just-in-time updates…next entry will be next Thursday, 2/16/2012).

Our Website
And we are retooling our website.  We are in the midst of this gargantuan effort.  (We have a very big site!  Whew!)  But we hope access will be even easier because of our changes.  Key pages have been converted, but many have not yet been, so page-to-page will look a little chaotic and not function the same until we are done: www.delfini.org.

Your Treat
And now, for a fantastic treat!  The generous, creative and brilliant Paul Vallett, PhC, had a frustrating day one day in his lab, and while we would never wish him that, we are grateful for his transmogrifying that evil event into something brilliant and wonderful that sooooo exquisitely captures what life often looks like on the outside, but what insiders actually experience and know.  We’ve all been here, right!!?!?? (Oh, yeah, like my web site redesign! It’s no cut-and-paste job.  I am now as bald as Mike!)  Paul’s is about one of our most beloved topics, “Doing Science,” but it can stand in as metaphor to so much more…to.so.much.more…  And it is hilarious!!!  The URL title gives you a hint.  Thank you, Paul!  Happy Day all, Sheri


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