Institute of Medicine CEO Checklist for High-Value Healthcare

Institute of Medicine CEO Checklist for High-Value Healthcare

In June, 2012 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published a checklist for healthcare CEOs as a way of encouraging further efforts towards achieving a simultaneous reduction in costs and elimination of waste.[1] EBMers will find the case studies of great interest. Many of the success stories contain two key ingredients—reliable information to improve decision-making and successful implementation.  The full report is available at—

Foundational Elements

1. Governance priority—visible and determined leadership by CEO and board

  • Culture of continuous improvement—commitment to ongoing, real-time learning
  • Infrastructure Fundamentals

2. Information technology (IT) best practices—automated, reliable information to and from the point of care

  • Evidence protocols—effective, efficient, and consistent care
  • Resource utilization—optimized use of personnel, physical space, and other resources

3. Care Delivery Priorities

  • Integrated care—right care, right setting, right providers, right teamwork
  • Shared decision making—patient-clinician collaboration on care plans
  • Targeted services—tailored community and clinic interventions for resource-intensive patients

4. Reliability and Feedback

  • Embedded safeguards—supports and prompts to reduce injury and infection
  • Internal transparency—visible progress in performance, outcomes, and costs


1. Cosgrove D, Fisher M, Gabow P, et al. A CEO Checklist for High-Value Health Care. Discussion paper. Washington, DC: Institute of Medicine; 2012. (accessed 08/13/2012).

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