From Richard Lehman’s Blog on Clinical Trial Quality

From Richard Lehman’s Blog JAMA 2 May 2012 Vol 307:

“Here the past and present custodians of this site look at the quality of the trials registered between 2007 and 2010. They ‘are dominated by small trials and contain significant heterogeneity in methodological approaches, including reported use of randomization, blinding, and data monitoring committees.’ In other words, these trials are never going to yield clinically dependable data; most of them are futile, and therefore by definition unethical. Something is terribly wrong with the system which governs clinical trials: it is failing to protect patients and failing to generate useful knowledge. Most of what it produces is not evidence, but rubbish. And with no system in place to compel full disclosure of the data, it is often impossible to tell one from the other.”

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