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Delfini Co-founders: Michael E Stuart MD, President & Medical Director . Sheri Ann Strite, Managing Director & Principal

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Helping people improve healthcare decision-making through "applied" evidence-based clinical quality improvement and communications with a focus on value and patient-centered care.

We start with the science. Key reading:

"How To Survive the Medical Misinformation Mess" by John P. A. Ioannidis, Michael E. Stuart, Shannon Brownlee, Sheri A. Strite, published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation.

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    We are a public service entrepreneurship and make much of our work freely available online.

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See Delfini Group Publishing for our books including the highly praised, Basics For Evaluating Medical Research Studies: A Simplified Approach. “Best help with evidence-based medicine available." Martin Gabica, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Healthwise

What people say about Delfini—

“impressive...terrific conference...impressive tools...already using in real life... valuable, fun, memorable...made hard stuff easy to understand... helped us change... real success... improved patient care... invaluable...

“...thanks for presenting this valuable information in a fun and memorable way...”

“...I thought the subject was going to be boring and not much use...I was very wrong...I cannot thank you and Sheri enough.”

“I know a couple hundred people...who have got to hear your message!”

“Best one-day educational program I’ve experienced in 25 years!”

Delfini evidence reviews are consistently praised as useful, rigorous and transparent. Delfini average training program scores are 4.8 out of 5.0.

“... gifted facilitators and passionate educators... have rarely encountered presenters so well-prepared and well-versed in their subject matter... both are engaging, up-beat and empowering... extremely generous with their knowledge and expertise...”

See all of our Testimonials.

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The Delfini Mission

Our mission is to improve health care quality and use of resources by assisting medical leaders, health care professionals and others interested in and affected by health care decisions by—

Bringing science into medical practice in an easy-to-understand way.

Using simplified methods to help navigate the complexities of such areas as evidence-based medicine, clinical improvement and other topics.

Building competencies and confidence in improving medical care through our consultations, training programs and tools.

Providing inspiration to others to improve medical care and help bring about needed change.

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