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Text BookDelfini Group PublishingDelfini Evidence-based Practice Short How-to Guide Book now available for purchase.

DelfiniContributing AuthorsEvidence-based Pharmacotherapy

Chiquette E, Posey LM. Evidence-based Pharmacotherapy. American Pharmacists Association. APhA Publications; 1 edition (January 15, 2007).
ISBN-10: 1582120684
ISBN-13: 978-1582120683

Available at

Our evidence-based pharmacotherapy textbook chapter is freely available for download.

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Formulary publication page: Process steps and suggestions for creating drug monographs and drug class reviews in an evidence-based formulary system



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"How To Survive the Medical Misinformation Mess" by John P. A. Ioannidis, Michael E. Stuart, Shannon Brownlee, Sheri A. Strite, published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation.

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Delfini Group Publishing

We have a series of evidence-based practice books available.

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We have books for evaluating medical research studies, evidence-based P&T work and medical technology assessment. We have a book for scientists and industry. Soon to come, books for evidence-based clinical quality improvement and a book to help patients make informed medical decisions. See our books.

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The Evidence-based Organization

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  • EBM Primers
  • Confidence Intervals & Their Use for Interpreting Significance of Results [PDF]
  • See Performance Measures above at Modern Health Care and —
    • Performance Measures
      Long Version: Recommended [PDF]
      Short Version [PDF]
  • Missing Data: Considerations [PDF]


  • Recognized in Shannon Brownlee's highly praised, Overtreated: Why Too Much Medicine Is Making Us Sicker and Poorer, Bloomsbury USA; 1 edition (September 18, 2007), which was named the best economics book of 2007 by New York Times economics correspondent David Leonhardt.
  • Mike is interviewed about tougher standards being applied by insurers. Read the January 2008 Managed Care Magazine interview

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