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Evidence Advisements, Evidence Review & Clinical Content Development

Two examples of critical appraisal work performed for industry:

• Critical Appraisal Case Study: Presented at ISPOR

• Critical Appraisal Example with Payer Advisements

Evidence-based Training

Communications Training

Quality Improvement Project Help

Consulting for Healthcare Improvements & More


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Delfini Industry Partnering


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Medical Evidence in the
World of Payers & Health Care Systems
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Samples of Industry Projects

Critical Appraisal Case Study: Presented at ISPOR

Critical Appraisal Example with Payer Advisements




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Bridging the Payer/Industry Divide

We have deep experience working with health care providers, payers, integrated delivery networks and industry. Because of this, we have insights into—

  1. Common misperceptions industry has about payers.
  2. Keys and tips for quality industry-payer relationships.
  3. The changing landscape of the payer and evidence—and what this means to industry.
  4. Payer decision-making.
  5. Behind the scenes at P&T committee meetings.
  6. Key evidence concerns cited by payers.
  7. How payers may vary in evidence-sophistication and how to best work with these variations.
  8. Quality study design, execution and reporting.
  9. Considerations for clinical significance.
  10. How to improve information and communications about scientific evidence and clinical significance.
  11. What resonates with payers.

You may have only one chance to connect. To maximize your communication opportunities, you want—

  • Reliable and clinically meaningful research that is effectively reported in such a way that will resonate with payers.
  • Knowledgable staff who can connect and work with payers at any point in the evidence-sophistication continuum.
  • Support materials that enhance communications and understanding.

If your company is like many, instead you—

  1. Are siloed in ways that diminish your effectiveness.
  2. Misunderstand how payers approach evidence and coverage decisions.
  3. Are not aware that FDA approval may not be sufficient to satisfy payers' evidence needs.
  4. Do not understand key evidence issues with your own studies.
  5. Do not understand key evidence issues with your competitors' studies.
  6. Lack staff with a clear understanding of how to communicate about evidence.
  7. Spend significant time and energy communicating low priority issues.
  8. Miss opportunities and methods to communicate over key issues.
  9. Create disconnect.

Contact us to see how we may help you. We are

Evidence-based Clinical Improvement Experts:
Evidologists . Project Facilitators . Trainers

We provide help in—

  • Evidence- and value-based medical decision-making
  • Clinical improvement
  • Communications

Evidence Advisements, Evidence Review & Clinical Content Development
We can meet your medical scientific review needs by using rigorous methods and providing practical deliverables that will get used. Payers accept even our sponsored work because of the quality of our work and its transparency. Examples—

  1. Advice on maximizing acceptance of evidence through study design, execution and reporting
  2. Evidence reviews & evidence synthesis
  3. Systematic reviews
  4. Comparative effectiveness reviews (CER)
  5. Clinical practice guidelines
  6. Clinical recommendations
  7. Monographs
  8. Performance measures
  9. Decision-support
  10. Physician and patient communication aids
  11. Advisements for communicating the evidence to payers
  12. Clinical significance evaluations and chain-of-evidence building
  13. Sensitivity analyses
  14. Appropriate use of real-world data

Below are two examples of critical appraisal work performed for industry.

Critical Appraisal Case Study: Presented at ISPOR

Critical Appraisal Example with Payer Advisements

Evidence-based Training
We provide superior evidence-based training for all industry professionals. We are highly regarded trainers with program scores averaging 4.8 out of 5.0. We make the work practical, applied and doable including making key statistics easy and understandable.

Account Manager Example

  • Being comfortably versed in clinical and evidence concepts is vital to success with payers
  • The account manager is a reflection of how you want your company to be seen and should resonate with payers as being professional, knowledgeable and credible—a cut above all others
  • The account manager needs to understand various payers—their needs, how to meet them, be in sync and develop common ground
  • Gain trust, respect and access
  • May be setting “first impression” or be the only chance
  • Present a unified and seamless approach as part of a team
  • Decrease opportunities for disconnect
  • Increase opportunities, be able to navigate and pivot clinical and business discussions, increase ability to leverage
  • Have confidence and comfort in discussions with payers
  • Represent you in the best possible way

You can also sponsor us for tailored evidence-based training for specific groups:

  • Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committees
  • Medical Technology Assessment Committees
  • Quality Improvement Councils
  • Quality Improvement Teams
  • Clinical Guideline & Pathway Development Teams
  • Journal Clubs
  • Other EBM working groups
  • Specific healthcare professionals (e.g., medical leaders, physicians, clinical pharmacists, nurses, other allied health-care professionals, etc.)
  • Other healthcare groups (e.g., patient decision-support companies)

Communications Training
We can help you improve your communications with payers.

  • How to prepare for a meeting with a payer.
  • Discovering and diagnosing key contextual elements.
  • How to talk about evidence regardless of where payers are on the evidence-sophistication spectrum.
  • How to communicate about your evidence and other key factors such as burden of disease and clinical significance.
  • Effectively dealing with errors and misconceptions.
  • Anticipating questions.
  • Understanding and communicating about decision points.

Quality Improvement Project Help
We can help you or teach you to conduct a successful evidence-based quality improvement project including effective implementation of clinical practice change—includes effective training, facilitation or performance of effective evidence-based clinical quality improvement methods in all phases of this work—

Phase 1: Group Readiness
Phase 2: Clinical Improvement Project & Team Selection
Phase 3: Project Outline
Phase 4: Evidence Review
Phase 5: Clinical Content Development
Phase 6: Impact Assessment
Phase 7: Communication Tools Development
Phase 8: Implementation: Create, Support & Sustain Change
Phase 9: Measure and Report
Phase 10: Update and Improve

Consulting for Healthcare Improvements
We can meet a variety of needs in the areas of evidence, medical decision-making, quality improvement, health care economics, processes, communications, adult education and more.Contact us to discuss your particular needs. We customize our work to best help you.



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